About me

I am an independent web developer constantly improving my programming skills.


My name is Fernando and I am born in Mexico. When I was young I became a programmer as an enthusiast autodidact. I've worked for some local agencies but mostly as a freelancer. Actually I am improving my JavaScript skills.

I left the traditional practice of fixed schedule office hours to be able to dedicate fully on each individual project. Every customer has unique needs which lead to different challenges in every website.

In my work experience I found that less is more & cleaner is better. That means, I love clean websites without icons that are not truly neccesary or common tools to fill spaces. My style is more simple, but meaningful. If this is what you're looking for, contact me.

Currently I live in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. I am fortunate enough to travel and live as a digital nomad. I've created websites for customers from Mexico, Japan, Germany and Switzerland.

My second passion is to play spanish guitar and recently I found comfortable peace in practicing yoga and meditation.

Are you a graphic designer or an agency looking for a programmer? Let's get in touch!